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Best Gift for Girlfriend that she really wanted

Birthdays are special moments especially for women. Because women tend to remember small details and important moments, especially on her birthday.

Whatever you give will be remembered forever as sweetest memories. below are the list of romantic and useful gifts that you can give to make her love you even more

Home Decor – Beauty and the Beast Rose Kit

Roses are a symbol and a sign of love, but if you gift her real roses, sometimes the flowers will wither, the best idea is to give her a Rose kit that can be used as a display in her room because it is made from preserved real flowers.

Even though this rose kit has been preserved it still looks like a real flower, wrapped in transparent glass and LED lights that emit bright colors making the roses look more beautiful. One of the perfect romantic gifts for your girlfriend.

love necklace – Sterling Silver Diamond

The necklace is one of the romantic gifts that you can give to your girlfriend. Besides birthday moments, the necklace is also suitable to be given on Valentine’s day and Christmas.

Made from real diamonds, Sterling Silver Diamond is very beautiful and perfect for a gift  to show how much you love her.

Message In The Bottle

If you have the ability to write romantic words that can touch your girlfriend’s feelings, giving this gift is the right choice because the words you write will be remembered forever as beautiful memories and never be forgotten.

This bottle can be displayed in her room and every time he sees it she will remember you.

Giant Doll

Giving a giant doll on a birthday is a mainstream thing, but did you know that a giant doll is very useful not only as a display but sometimes can be used as a friend to accompany her when she sleeps so she can always remember you when sleeping.

Has a cute design and soft material. although mainstream but very nice gift for your girlfriend

Long Distance lamp

Are you having a long distance relationship? and think of what gifts are suitable for your girlfriend who is currently LDR ?

Long Distance lamp is a nice choice because this lamp has a feature that is quite magical when you touch this lamp, your girlfriend’s lights that are far apart will be the same as the color of your lights. This will create a connection and a feeling of mutual remembering that can strengthen your relationship with your GF even if you are far apart.

Distance Bracelet

Beside magic lamp you can also give a distance bracelet if you are in a long distance relationship with your GF 

Bracelet with a simple design but will create a meaningful story. With this bracelet you will always remember that you need each other.there is one different color that makes her always remember you every time she wears this bracelet


Giving a bag as a birthday gift for your girlfriend is a pretty wise choice because women definitely have more than 1 bag so it’s a very good idea if you gift her a bags.

The perfect bag for gifts must have an elegant design, high quality materials, and colors that your girlfriend likes.

Portable hot tub

If your girlfriend often travels or loves a spa. rewarding a portable hot tub will make your GF very happy. 

This tool can be carried anywhere very easily and can be used as an alternative Spa. can be used in an open space such as a garden or indoors. Can be used by up to four adults. It is the right choice if you are gifting it on a birthday, valentine or Christmas

Apple Smartwatch

Time is money and time that has passed will be a memory. To make your girlfriend more appreciate about time, giving a Apple watch as gift is a great idea because every time she looks at her watch she will remember you,

All women will definitely love apple watches and this watch will be very perfect for your GF. Just give her favorite color and she will fall in love with you even more.

Aromatherapy diffuser

Women really like the work space and room with a nice fragrant. giving her aromatherapy diffuser is the right gift to make her more comfortable.

There are many choices of scents that you can choose which are more suitable for your girlfriend. A nice fragrant room will make her have a better rest and peace and great for meditation.

Electric neck Massager

If your girlfriend is a busy worker and spends more time at work. Would be the right choice if you give her a neck massager to make her feel refreshed after busy activity. 

With this massager, your partner will be more relaxed and feel comfortable after work. This tool can also help your GF to fall asleep faster and have a better rest. It’s the right choice to be awarded to your busy girlfriend

3d night light

If giving a giant teddy bear is mainstream, try giving it a 3D teddy bear night light. That glows at night and you can adjust the light color according to your desires. 

This is a cute and romantic gift. When your GF sees this 3D teddy bear she will remember you. Very suitable to be used as decoration and perfect to be given on birthdays and Valentine’s Day

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

Every time and moments spent together are very valuable moments. Therefore, every precious moment needs to be well documented. If your GF likes  photography, giving her this camera gift will make her very happy.

With this camera she can practice her photography hobby and can simultaneously capture every precious moment with you.

Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a woman who loves exercise?  Giving her a gym bag would be nice. And it can replace her old gym bag .This bag is the right choice because it is made of quality materials and is a best seller on Amazon.

By give her this bag you support all your GF activities to exercise and to become healthier


Perfume is one alternative as a birthday gift to your girlfriend. Because perfume symbolizes the character of someone. choosing the right scent for your girlfriend will absolutely increase her confidence.

Fruit infuser bottle water

If your partner is on a diet program giving her a bottle of water infusion is the perfect choice. Based on research drinking more water will help you lose weight. and a bottle of water infusion can help increase your GF water consumption so this would be a very useful gift for your partner who is going on a diet.

Polarized Sports Sunglasses

One way to lose weight is to exercise. If you want to support your girlfriend in dieting and exercising, choosing perfect sunglasses as gifts is the right choice.

Perfect sunglasses will increase her confidence and make her more excited when exercising. These sunglasses are also suitable for various activities such as running, tennis, and other sports activities.


If you want to give a useful gift for your girlfriend, a blanket is the right choice because it will be used everyday for sleeping and she will always remember you before she sleeps.

Choose a blanket with a pattern and color that your GF likes. If your partner likes pandas, for example, give a blanket with a Panda motif. Or if your partner likes flowers give a blanket in a floral motif. That will make it a gift that she loved more

Silk pajamas set

Giving high quality silk pajamas sets would be a wise choice. Because comfortable pajamas will help your GF have a better sleep quality. And that gift will Show how much you care about her. Good sleep quality will make your GF fresh through the days.

To add a romantic impression, add Rose when giving this gift to your GF to make it more memorable

wireless headphones

If your girlfriend loves sports, giving her a wireless headphone gift is a genius choice. Because these headphones will help her with sports activities and make her more comfortable and enjoy while doing workouts.

To choose a good wireless headphone must have a long battery life, durable and have clear sound quality.

All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with clock and Alexa

If your girlfriend is a gadget lover, giving her All-new Echo Dot would be a perfect gift. As we know, Alexa has various abilities such as playing songs, setting alarms, turning on lights, locking the house, adjusting the TV.

With this gadget she will make her more comfortable at home. Because doing everything will be easier with this gadget.

Chromecast Ultra

If your girlfriend doesn’t have a Smart TV yet and has a hobby of watching movies giving Google chromecast ultra the right choice. Because this device can turn your girlfriend’s TV into a Smart TV that can play YouTube, stream, watch Netflix and various other online applications

Kindle paperwhite

If your girlfriend loves reading novels and books. Would be a perfect idea to give her a kindle paperwhite.

With this gadget she can store hundreds or even thousands of books and specifically designed for readers so when using this gadget will not make the eyes hurt. very comfortable to use for reading a book or novels.

Perfect gift that highly recommended for girlfriends who love to read

Ionic Hair Dryer, 

Hair dryer is a must-have tool for every woman to look beautiful. Choosing an improper hand dryer can make hair damaged and reduce confidence.

Ionic hair dryer with 1800W Professional Hair Dryer for Fast Drying is a choice that can make your partner happy. This hair dryer is very suitable for traveling because it is lighter than other hair dryers in the market.

Final verdict

That’s all the gift list that you can choose for your GF from the romantic, cute, unique, and useful gift on his birthday.

Whatever you give will be very beneficial for her and will be remembered forever as a good memory. For addition,  a gift that can be worn will increase her confidence if you give it sincerely.

From the list of gifts above, which one will you choose for your GF? and how was your GF  reaction after receiving it? Give your opinion through the comment section!!

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