Best Gift for gamer to improve game play & skills to easily win any battle.

Long time ago when people play games can be identified with the lazy person, but as times changes, playing Game today is become source of income. Many YouTubers and gamers get high income from just playing games. If you want to gift your lovely boyfriend that a gamers addict, Here are the following gifts that you can choose to help them improve their game play.

Best gaming VR – Oculus

VR is the latest technology to get gaming experience like in the real world. Using VR makes you become the main character in the game that you play. One of the best gaming VR on the market is the Oculus.

Oculus have features that are perfect for playing games, Oculus also Wireless, so makes it easier for you to move while playing games. Having power up to 2 hours when used continuously. This VR also very easy to use without PC, you only need a Smartphone for the first time and you can download and add the games that you want through the Oculus store

This VR is the best gift you can give to your boyfriend on his birthday

Best Gaming Headset – RUNMUS

Gaming headsets is one of the most important equipment for gamers. The perfect gaming headset for a gamer must have a clear sound and lightweight. Because most of gamer spends more than 2 hours a day to play game and comfortable headset is needed to support their performance. One recommended gaming headset is RUNMUS.

Runmus has the best and clearest sound quality. This headset is very comfortable to use because it uses soft protein ear pads and retractable headband. This headset weighs only 1 pound, perfect for gamers.

Having an attractive design and LED light that lights up when you play the game adds a cool impression to this headset. With a strong cable that makes this headset very durable. This headset is compatible for all types of devices from Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Best Gaming phone – ASUS ROG II

Mobile phone is the most widely used device for playing games from children to adults. However, not all mobile phones can play heavy games like PUBG and others. If you can play heavy game, the settings are very low resolution so you won’t be enjoy it. One of the best gaming phones is the ASUS ROG Gaming Phone II

Asus Rog is a device made specifically for gaming. The capability of this gaming phone is above the average, it has 12 GB of RAM. You can play all the games you want with high resolution without lag and also this gaming phone equipped with 512 GB of memory to store games on this mobile.

It has a very cool design with LED light logo at the back that can be customized, ROG II has 6000mAh battery that can play game up to 9 hours and the ability of the quick charger 4.0 takes 2 hours to be fully charged.

The speakers and earphones are very comfortable to use when playing games that are very clear and sharp. This gaming phone is so far the best choice for gift to a gamers.

Best PC gaming – CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme Liquid

Many people have switched to using Xbox or smartphone for playing games, but PC games have their own place in the hearts of PC gamers.

One of the best PC gaming on Amazon is CyberpowerPC Gamer Supreme Liquid this PC gaming become the best seller with lowest prices and provide the best specs for gaming

This PC using Intel Core I7 9th generation makes it super-fast and best in its class. Supported by the Nvidia GeForce RTX 20 series with slick performance. Supported with 16 GB RAM can play heavy games without lag and 2 terabytes of memory you can store all your games without having to buy additional hard drives. Equipped also liquid cooling makes this PC will stays cool even if you playing games for hours.

In 2018 this PC game received an award from the PC magazine reader choice Awards. This PC Gaming is without a doubt the perfect gift for PC gamers

Best Gaming Laptop – Acer Predator Helios 300

Gaming laptop needed a laptop with high specs, it will be very frustrating when you play games suddenly lagging or freezing in the middle of the game. And most of gaming laptops with best quality, the price is very expensive.

But do not worry, we have chosen Acer Predator become gaming laptops with epic performance at a very affordable price that is suitable for you to give as a gift to your lovely gamers.

With the 9th generation Core i7 and Force GTx1660ti graphics card and super cooling, this laptop is the right choice for playing games. You will play games smoothly without having to crash and lag. It also comes with VR ready, so you can play VR games through this laptop. This laptop battery can last 3 hours in Echo performance settings.

If you want to gift your partner or someone you love who likes to play games, this laptop is the best and right choice.

Best Gaming keyboard – Redragon K556 RGB

If you have a limited budget to gift a laptop maybe giving a gaming keyboard is the right choice because the keyboard is cheaper than a laptop. Comfort keyboard is also one of the dominant factor to improve a game play

Most gamers choose mechanical keyboards over conventional keyboards because mechanical keyboards use higher quality material. Mechanical keyboard is more durable and more comfortable to use. One of the best mechanical keyboards on the market is Redragon K556 RGB with LED Backlit

This keyboard using premium material that make it durable and comfortable to use. Compatible on almost all types of PCs from Windows to Mac OS X. LED Backlit add cool impression and makes you able to see the keyboard in low light room. If you want to reward gaming keyboard Redragon K556 will be the best choice

Best Gaming Mouse – UtechSmart VENUS Pro

Besides the keyboard, the mouse also plays an important role in playing games. Mouse with many features will make you easier to play and win a game. Slow mouse are disasters are when playing games because the slow ones will affect your overall performance and you can lose when playing games. Therefore gift a sophisticated mouse is a must

One of the best Mouse is UtechSmart VENUS Pro RGB MMO. This is simple Wireless Gaming Mouse make you enjoy your game without having to be complicated with cable makes you flexible to move when playing games.

This mouse has a large battery capacity of 1000mAh which you can use for 70 hours with 2 hours of charging. This gaming mouse has as an ergonomic design and very comfortable to use. This mouse is made for sweet resistant and skin friendly to add maximum comfort when playing games. With Custom RGB light make it becomes favorite mouse for gamers   

This mouse has very satisfying review on Amazon and would be a perfect gift.

Xbox Controller – Elite Series 2 Controller 

For an Xbox gamers, Elite series is the most important controller to support playing games. This console is the second generation of the elite series with various improvements that can support your gaming activities.

This controller is used in all Xbox One series and can also be used on Windows 10 PCs so you can use this console to play your favorite PC games. This controller equipped with rechargeable battery that can be used up to 40 hours and only need 1 hour charging.

This console is the best controller you use for your Xbox game. It is the best gift for Xbox lovers.    

PlayStation console – HORI Fighting Commander

If you want to give a gift to gamers who like fighting games on PS 3 or 4 this console is the best console. This tools is specifically designed for 2D games and suitable to use for Commander Street Fighter fighting games and other 2D games on PS4

It would work well for any 2D game, as long as analog control is not required.

This controller also works well on a PC so you can play your favorite fighting game using this console. Made from premium material makes this controller very durable and strong.

Final Veredict

Those are some of the gift options you can give to your beloved ones. Which of the gifts above you want to give to your loved ones or you might have other gift suggestions that I might include in this article share your opinion on comment section

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