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Epic Gift for Adventurer to Get Maximum Adventure Experiences

Birthdays is the perfect time to buy a gift. If you want to give a gift for your lovely adventurer you might be having a hard time choosing a perfect gift because it might be a little tricky. We know that everyone who does an adventure only carries the necessary and important equipment.

Buying a random gift might just be a display without being used, so here, we share tips on choosing best gift for adventure activities to get maximum experience and help them to survive in emergency situation. Here are the following gift lists that are very useful for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

1. Solar powerbank – Addtop Solar powerbank

Adventurer power bank

Solar Charger is equipment that needed by adventure when camping or hiking in the forest or mountain. Because in the wild it is very difficult to find a source of electricity, therefore a power bank that can be charged at any time by solar energy is very useful for keeping cellphone, camera and drone batteries fully charged.

One of the best solar power banks is the Addtop solar charger which has a power of 25000mah with output and dual output 2.1A which can be used for most android phone, i-phone and camera. This tool is suitable for camping, hiking climbing and picnics. Besides being used for power banks, this tool has the ability to LED flashlight, so it really helps you at night without needing a flashlight anymore

This power bank is also can be charged using electricity. This solar charger is waterproof, the USB ports are protected by a waterproof cover. It’s also safe to carry onboard because it has a wattage below 99 watts. So you can safely take it on the plane

2. Mini Adventure Drone – DJI sparks

Drone is the important equipment that used by travelers and adventurers to capture the unforgettable moments. However, most drones on the market are large in size and not efficient for travel. There are also many Drones that have a small size but having a poor quality pictures and videos.

In our opinion, DJI sparks is the right choice if you want to gift your adventurer the best drone for them. This drone is very lightweight only 300 grams and size of only a few inches so it is very easy to carry everywhere. With this drone you can also take pictures or videos with 4K quality.

It’s compatible for use with almost all Android and iPhone, so it is very suitable for capture perfect moment. However this drone can only taking pictures and videos for a maximum of 16 minutes with a fully charged battery. But do not worry. There are many sellers on Amazon that offer drone packages with three batteries and a variety of accessories at very affordable prices.

3. Epic camping tools – BioLite CampStove 2

If your adventurer lovers is camping junkie it would be perfect to gift BioLite CampStove 2because this tool has a multifunction that you can use to survive and very simple to use, you only need to make a small fire in the campstove using twigs and dry leaves, if the fire has ignited then the it converts into energy that can be used to charge your cellphone and camera battery.

This tools is perfect for boiling water and cooking. This tool also has an integrated 2600mah battery that can be charged using electricity, has an output of 3 watts that can boil 1 liter of water in 4.5 minutes. To charge the Android it takes approximately 4 to 5 hours for the battery to be full.

This is the most important arsenal that all campers should have to survive in critical situation.

3. Adventure smart watch – Garmin Fenix 5

Adventure smartwatch

Giving Smart watch would be perfect gift for adventurer. However, there are 3 main things that you must consider before choosing a watch for them. Such as features, battery life and durability. We all know that most of the smart watches on the market only can survive in less than 4 days that will make it not suitable for adventure.

One of the best smartphone choices to choose is the Garmin Fenix ​​5. It is equipped with a multisport GPS, an estimated blood oxygen saturation level sensor that is very useful when you’re adjusting to higher altitudes. This watch can also store nearly 500 songs and also can use with Spotify so you won’t get bored. This watch is also durable and waterproof so you can use it while swimming and can last up to 20 days.

This watch is made of premium material which is very comfortable to use and compatible paired with all Android or iPhone.

4. Clean water filter – lifestraw flex

water filter

based on research, human body can survive up to 3 weeks without food and can only survive 3 days without drinking water, so water is a source of life but in the forest or in the mountains it will be very difficult for you to get clean water and avoid various dangerous particles that can make you sick.

Some of us think that if we boiling the water, it can make the germs in the water die, the fact is not like that, the bacteria in cooked water will weaken but not die. Therefore we need a tool to filter the water.

One of the life best water filter is lifestraw flex. This bottle holds 22 ounces of water. This is a very lightweight Weighing only 3.15 oz, which is good for hiking and backpacking. Guaranteed to remove a minimum of 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites. Having the ability to filter 2000 gallons is more than 3 months of drinking water

With this tool you can take water anywhere without having to worry about bacteria and you can travel and adventure everywhere with peace in mind

5. Survival kit – Nauber camping Gear

Complete equipment is needed to be able to survive when facing emergency or critical conditions. That’s why a complete survival kit is the right choice if you want to gift your beloved adventure. One of the best choices is Nauber Camping Gear, this survival kit has a multifunctional tool that is very useful when hiking, hunting, and adventure activity.

Nauber is very complete because almost all the equipment you need is here. Consisting of 15 parts from multi-use fork and spoon, flashlight, survival knife, compass, water bottle clip, 11-in 1 Multi-tool Credit Card Size, whistle, wire saw, tact-pen, emergency blanket, fire starter, waterproof box. By buying this package you will save a lot of money because if you buy each item separately it is very expensive

If your favorite Adventure has a hobby of hiking, camping or hunting this tool is the right choice to gift them this survival kit.

6. Water adventure – Oru foldable kayak

water adventure gift

If you want to gift a people who loves water adventure on the beach, river or in the lake it is a nice idea to give him a kayak. Unfortunately most of the kayak has a big size and very difficult to carry while traveling to different countries. Luckily, now there is a portable kayak that can be folded into a suitcase size so you can play kayak wherever you want.

This foldable Kayaks using origami technology so they are very easy to carry and takes only 5 minutes to you install the kayak. Because it can be folded and has a small size you can easily store it at your home.

This Oru Kayak made from high quality polypropylene, it can be folded 20,000 times so it is very durable and rust resistant. This kayak is also suitable for all skill levels from beginners to professionals. Giving this in their birthday would be epic gift for a water adventure lover.

7. Electric Lighter – Icfun

Lighters are small equipment but their presence is very much needed and very crucial. Without fire you will not be able to cook. And you cannot make campfire in cold conditions, therefore the presence of a match is a presence that is very much needed by a Survival to survive in the wild.

One of the best choices for this electric match is to be able to survive in any weather conditions and be able to survive even if submerged in water, can withstand shocks. When strong winds, these matches can still be used

Icfun is the best on Amazon with very bright colors that are easy to find if you are in a dark condition. When charging you only need 2 hours until the battery is full and when the battery is full this match can be used 300 times. This lighter also has a flashlight. Very useful in rainy and windy conditions because it has waterproof and windproof features. With an affordable price making this match is the right choice for all type adventure.

8. Ultimate Sleep protection – Tennier Woodland 

Survive in the wild is not only having enough food you also need enough time to sleep and rest, when doing adventure in jungle or mountain it will be very difficult to find a comfortable place for you to sleep sometimes the place you sleep is muddy or wet and there are a lot of mosquitoes. That’s why Bivy cover is very much needed for you to survive in the wild.

Bivi is a combination that is suitable for your sleeping bag is usually used for covering outside the sleeping bag to keep it dry, comfortable and warm. Using Bivy will keep you warm and protect you from dangerous animals such as snakes, scorpions.

One of the right choices is your veneer wood Land, it’s a waterproof bivy cover using material that is made from Goretex material to keep you dry and comfortable. Enough rest and sleep will make you last longer in the wild. Therefore bivy is one gift that is suitable for an adventure.

9. GoPro action Cam

action camera

If your adventurer lovers still doesn’t have an Action Cam, gift them a Action camera is the perfect choice. Because Action cam is one of the must have tool for Adventure to capture experience and memories that can be shared with others.

If you look at almost all Adventure videos like wall climbing, parachuting, mountain biking, which are on YouTube and viral, most of them using GoPro Cameras because this action cam is very small and has good image quality so it is easy to carry anywhere and can produce quality images like a professional videographers.

One of the best Cam actions is GoPro 8. Having the best image stabilization, great design and high quality videos makes this GoPro very suitable as a gift for your lovers.

Ultimate comfort sleeping experience – Everest Double Camping Hammock

Hammock is one of important tools needed by a adventurer and survival to sleep comfortably and enjoy the beauty of nature. Because it has a small size, light weight, easy installation, so it is the right choice for a beginner or professional Survival who wants to enjoy activities in beach or forest

One of the best things on the market is Everest Double camper hammock mosquito net. It has a very light size and you can use this hammock for 2 people with maximum weight for 400 lbs. Easy installation makes Hammock one of the favorite Beginner adventure. With an affordable price and quality materials that make it durable, it is very convenient to use this hammock makes the right choice to be used as a gift to your Adventure partner on their birthday.

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